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Danas je pušten u rad novi pogon. Instalirana je i puštena u rad nova mašina.

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Danas je pušten u rad novi pogon. Instalirana je i puštena u rad nova mašina.

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Danas je pušten u rad novi pogon. Instalirana je i puštena u rad nova mašina.

Intercord doo Subotica

Private enterprise INTERCORD Ltd was founded on 14.12.1990. Its basic activity was the production of tyre-technical products and distribution of spare parts for the vehicles.

INTERCORD Ltd is located in Subotica, Belgrade road 242. It is a family owned company. The founders are Radomir and Zorica Perin.

Till 2002. INTERCORD Ltd was an authorized regional distribution centre of the well known foreign companies such as: MONROE shock absorbers, WALKER exhaust systems, KILLEN springs, GATES belts, JURID plates, PIRELLI tyres.

Due to the market changes, and our personal estimation, the company was directed towards a new field that has not been satisfactorily represented in the region, however very prospective – SECONDARY RAW MATERIAL. Owing to that «INTERCORD» has become one of the first private companies in the region processing secondary raw materials.

The first jobs related to collecting and sales of waste iron. The sales was orientated exclusively towards export. In that period a solid basis was made for the positioning of the company in the international business area.

The next step in the company evolution was the organization of recycling activity.

The runnning of business in this context was organized by two business units:

Business Unit «Recycling centre»

Business Unit «Recikplast»

The registration of the business units has been made at the Agency for commercial registry in 2005.

Business Unit Recycling centre deals with collecting, disposing and primary recycling of all the secondary raw material. The primary recycling comprises cutting, bundling, classifying and sorting of secondary raw material. The business unit is located in Čantavir road 6/a, Subotica, in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of «INTERCORD».
It comprises the area of 25.000 m2 with all the necessary infrastructure needed for performing this activity. There are 11 employees at Business Unit «Recycling Centre», motor pool with special vehicles and vehicles aimed for this purpose, as well as required additional equipment: presses, containers, press-containers ...

Business Unit «Recikplast« is located on Senta road 150 Subotica. The area covers nearly 28.000 m2 where production plants are set on 3000 m2. There are 45 employees. The
infrastructure is complete and exceptionally suitable for this purpose. The position of this location is just next to the main road and next to the freight railroad track, providing exceptional possibilities for the transport of raw materials and goods. Since there is the town waste water cleaner plant in the vicinity of this location, the development of the activities towards any other direction would not face the problem of environment pollution.

The 4 most modern technological lines for recycling of PET, PE and PP materials have benn installed in the production plant.

The project of creation of recycling plant for plastic secondary raw material appeared as the result of experience gained while working with the secondary raw material. Namely, in the whole range of secondary raw material, waste of plastic origin proved to participate in the greatest extent. The tendecy of ever encreasing environment protection and negative aspect of plastic raw material, offers enormous possibilities for further development of this activity.

The recycled material produced in our plant is used again for the products demanded on our, as well as on foreign market.

The advantages of INTERCORD in comparison to the other producers of this field are: our own collection centre, modern production line installed in our plant, certified quality management, the protection of environment, the reference list, tradition, availability of required equipment and qualified staff.

The vision of INTERCORD is to be active participant in the environment protection by increasing the citizens' consience in the area of environment protection.